COVID-19 Safety & Sanitation Practices

Similar to brain development, BBEEC likes to be on the cutting edge when it comes to what is best for our youth. We are taking the same approach when it comes to responding to COVID-19. In addition to the CDC and DCDEE practices we currently have in place, we are also having the centers disinfected on a routine basis with an outside company that specializes in disinfection practices. This practice consists of an aerosol application and wipe down with Oxivir five 16 followed by Pro-Tech. This practice stops 99.9% of all viruses and bacterium.

It is effective up to 90 days, and every 30 days we have contracted a company to test surfaces with a bioluninometer. This will measure the amount of microbial contamination and will be followed by disinfecting and reapplying Pro-tech. Based on intensive research, we believe this to be the most advanced and effective system available today.

For more information, please view the following video:

Kidonomics Conference

Perry Melton, CEO of Building Blocks Early Education Centers, and Barbara Schiender, Head of Compliance, attended the Kidonomics conference in RALEIGH, NC to discuss the importance of Early Brain Development and the long-term economic impact of not investing in Early Childhood in North Carolina. Mr. Melton works closely with the Partnership for Children (PFC), serving on the PFC Cumberland County Board of Directors, the executive board, finance committee, and the chair of the annual Soiree, which is one of the largest fundraisers for early education in the community. He also serves as the representative of the NCLCCA on the NC Pre-K advisory committee in Raleigh.

BBEEC works hard to stay on top of the latest research and innovation in early education, early brain development, and government involvement in this arena. If you would like to learn more on this topic, visit the BBEEC website to find the section on Early Brain Development. Linked you will find Harvard’s research on Early Brain Development to learn more you can do to help your child grow and have a successful education and future.